Squash is an intense sport that requires an athlete with stamina, strength, good hand-eye coordination, and physical and mental toughness. It is a great way to get your cardio done and is a good way to stay fit and healthy. The good thing about this sport is, you can play this anytime of the year. And the main reason why is because you usually play in an indoor court. There are outdoor courts available, but players would rather play in a covered area. 


Squash is played with two players or 4 players if you want to play in doubles. All players need a racquet in hand which the use to smash a ball with against the wall, inside the area of the game which is determined play lines. The players are free to move all around the court the chase the ball, and the ball can bounce on the floor. 

Just like tennis and volleyball, squash is played in sets, either best of 3 or5 games. Players can win the game when they beat their opponent by 11 points. The game will go the a sudden when the score reaches 10-all. During this sudden death period, players hustle hard to get that crucial 2-point lead that will be the deciding factor in who wins the game. 

One of the key strategies that people try to master in the game of Squash is called “dominating the T.” This strategy is being able to hit the ball and running back to the area of the “T”. This area is the best place to set yourself up to receive the ball. The T area is basically in the middle of the court, and when you put yourself in the middle of the court, you have equal distance from both sides. Also, you have a better vision of where the ball will land, and you will be able to get to the ball faster if you are from the T area. 

Squash can be hazardous to injury, and some people might not think otherwise because it is not as physical as other sports like basketball and football. But when you are in a closed room with another player smashing a ball into a wall at high speeds, chances are if you get hit in the face it will hurt and could give you serious injuries. That is why it is required to have eyewear when you play. And there is a particular kind of eyewear that you must wear to be able to play. Eyewear’s for sale must pass the American Society for Testing And Materials Standard. You can purchase these special type of eyewear in your local sports store. 

If you want to experience a game with high competitive level and good cardio to stay fit, then you should definitely try playing squash in Washington, Dc. You will be get hooked to the thrill of the game and will want to learn more about the sport. It is a great mix of strategy and strength.