According to statistics, millions of people have taken advantage of massage therapy services to different types of health issues. The numbers are expected to increase some more which is why more and more people are interested in learning how to become a massage therapist.  


There are actually different types of massages available these days. Examples are the Swedish, hot stone, aromatherapy, and deep tissue massage therapies. Each one of them uses a specific technique and provides different results. 

A Focus on Deep Tissue Massage  

Among the massage therapies listed above, deep tissue is known to provide more health effects. It works on the deeper layers of the muscles of the body, including the fascia. The technique requires firmer pressure in order to reach the key areas of the body. As such, this technique is only recommended for people who can handle a more intense massage.  

However, it is also true that a deep tissue massage therapy can be gentle but it requires sustained pressure to target the muscle’s myofascial layers. When obtained regularly, it can create positive effects on one’s health. Its effects may even have physiological benefits.  

Deep Tissue and Other Massage Types Compared  

Deep tissue massage is different from all other types of massages because it targets the fascia and connective tissues. Swedish massage, on the other hand, is rather superficial. That’s the reason why Swedish massage is mostly used for relaxation while deep tissue massage is for healing.   

If you need to be reinvigorated, it is strongly advised that you get a Swedish massage. But if you are looking to reduce chronic pain, then deep tissue massage is recommended. Deep tissue massage is also therapeutic in a way, but as stated earlier, it is way more intense.  

The Advantages of Deep Tissue Massage 

If you’re looking to experience more than body and mind relaxation, then you should go for a deep tissue massage. It provides a lot of other benefits too, such as pain management. It is now to work for patients with fibromyalgia. Studies show that it makes movements a lot easier for patients.  

In other studies, it was discovered that deep tissue massage may possibly lower one’s depression and anxiety level. These are the known psychological effects of this type of massage to patients, which is why some medical professionals recommend it to their patients.   

Deep tissue massage is also believed to help alleviate tissue scars. When the muscle is torn, then scars form. Scarring is the body’s way to heal itself. With deep tissue massage, the body’s healing process happens a whole lot faster.  

Studies are also being made to determine how a deep tissue massage could improve functions of the lungs and heart, as well as the other internal organs of the body. People with known medical conditions are given regular massages and it was found out that their blood pressure is closer to normal after each session. 

Now that you know the benefits of a massage, why not get one for yourself? You may also ask a companion to get a good massage with you. If you need couples massage Johns Creek, there are therapists who can help you out with that, too.