Have you been thinking about changing up your hairstyle? Are you too afraid of the commitment of going to the salon? Or maybe you just want to see how a style will look on you? Did you ever think of getting a wig? You can change up your style without having to commit to changing your look for months! 


In order to find the perfect look, you must know the different wig types. 

  1. Full lace – with urethane strips for adhesive to stick to.
  2. Lace front – with lace only in front of the unit while the rest of the area has a thicker cap with pins on it to help hold the wig on.
  3. Monofiliment – this is a very fine lace, nylon and mesh blend. The materials take on the color of the scalp. It is great for people who have sensitive scalps. This gives off a more natural look, making it easy to part your hair wherever you want. 
  4. Hair textures-  You will notice that there will be wigs that arestraight, curly, and wavy. If you want you can even have your wig with dreadlocks or even with an afro. There is no limit to what you can do with a wig. 

If you want have a wig that has the most natural look for you. Then can choose one that is made out of natural human hair. This type of wig has the natural look, sway, and bounce of a human hair. It also has natural effects when it under the influence of hair products, ironing, and even wetting. The downside of the type of wig is the price, this can cause hundreds and nearly thousands of dollars. 

A good tip to get a nice natural for your wig is to have it cut while you are wearing it. Naturally, when you are looking at wig styles, you are looking at it while it is on a mannequins  head. Once you put it on your head, the look will also change. That is why you should adjust accordingly to your look and face shape. 

The Wig industry had grown into a big industry and it has been made to be readily available for people who want or need them. Aside from going to the mall to go wig shopping, you can also look online and find that there are more options available. A lot of people have found passion in wigs and have started their own businesses. It will be crucial that you find these kinds of people to buy wigs from so you know that it is a wig of high-quality and they guide you through the process every step of the way. 

Even for those with medical attention feel thankful for wigs. People with Alopecia need wigs because it is a condition makes their hair fall out at an early age. Without hair, a person’s confidence can be negatively affected. Thanks to companies that manufacture wigs, they are able to give those kinds of people their confidence back.