Minimalist Remodeling Ideas

Minimalism has been a huge trend in home remodeling, both here in West Virginia and around the world. People are getting rid of their extra clutter in favor of clean lines and a few simple, standout pieces. If you are considering renovating your home soon, a minimalist approach can create an extremely stylish look that is sure to be on-trend for years to come. In this article, we’ll discuss some of our favorite remodeling ideas for those who love minimalism.

Trade cabinetry for simple shelving.

If you’re focusing on a kitchen or bathroom remodel, one of the biggest decisions you’ll need to make is what kind of storage you want. Cabinetry is a major part of many home renovations, and it can take up tons of space in your home. If you’re focusing on downsizing your life and going for a more minimalist approach, try installing simple and open wood shelving in your space instead of heavy and complicated cabinets. Not only does this make the space feel more open, but it also allows you to show off your favorite cookware.

Take out walls and ceilings.

One of the biggest principles of minimalist design is expanding your space to create a nice flow between rooms. While putting together the design for your home, consider taking out walls to create a large open space. A large living room with sleek wood floors that flows into the kitchen and bedrooms is very inviting and gives your space a feeling of grandiosity.

Give your bathroom an industrial feel.

Instead of going for a traditional bathroom, take out all the unessential fixtures and decor for an industrial look that’s super chic right now. Many people are pairing basic concrete tiling with washbasins and glass doors to create a bathroom that feels modern and makes the space seem larger. The clean lines of a minimalist bathroom feel very light and airy, while using heavier materials like brick or tile ground it to create a perfect pairing.

Add open windows.

When you don’t have elaborate decor pieces to catch your eye, light becomes the centerpiece of your home. If you don’t already have large windows, adding them may be the key to giving your home some new life and energy. If you can, consider expanding windows you currently have, or install skylights or smaller windows towards the top of your walls. Play around with window shapes and sizes to give your space more character.

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